Automa Mode


Automa mode is a game variant that adds a virtual player to the game. It can be used to play a competitive solo mode or used as an extra player in a regular game.

You can play it either by using Enchanters: Companion app or with a physical Automa deck.

At the beginning of each round, which consists of 1 of each player’s turn, draw a card from the Automa deck. Automa deck cards point which card from the Journey Track has to be put in a special Market pile, that you can place in any convenient location.

Example: Take the third card from the left and put it in the Market.

After resolving the Automa card, refill the Journey Track. On top of that, every player on his or her turn has an option to use the ability on the top Automa card.

When Automa deck runs out of cards, shuffle all Automa cards and make a new deck.

Special situations

  • If a card that enters the market has an attachment (ie. a card from Event Deck), keep the attachment on the Journey Track and apply again any rules related to it, if necessary.
  • If an Automa card targets an empty space on the Journey Track (during the final rounds), apply the rule to the closest possible card on the Journey Track.
  • Remember: Market is not a part of the Journey Track, so ignore any rules related to the Journey Track when you take a card from the Market pile.

Additional rules in Solo version

  • You win if you get at least 50 Glory Points by the end of the game.
  • If you use an Overlord, put 2 reward tokens on him.
  • If a card orders you to steal crystals, take it from the bank.
  • Monsters from Demons deck give you positive points instead of negative.
  • You can’t use Gladiators deck with Automa.

Resolve any other actions that target another player with the Market pile according to the rules below:

  • Discard a card: discard the top Market card.
  • Give a card: you can either put it on the
  • top or bottom of the Market pile.
  • Swap cards/ take a card/ Bury a card: you may use the
  • top market card for this, but only if the type of that card is matching with the rules.
  • Unbury a card: same as above but for bottom card.
  • Damage inflicted to another player: put the Wounds token next to the Market. At the end of the game, they count as positive Glory Points for you.